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Revati Thube


My Journey:

I started my GeneClinicX journey in January 2022. It was a sibling thing; my brother and I had been wanting to try CGM monitors to understand which foods cause sugar spikes. 

Coach Swarada has been very motivating and patient, giving me so much time and hearing me out, my anxieties, apprehensions, everything! And she really made me understand which foods best suit me and my lifestyle.

While I was on the program I never felt like I was on a diet. My plan was chalked out in a way that made it easy to follow even later. My gut health is better and so is my overall immunity.

I lost 4 kg in 3 months which was a realistic target for me which we had set at the beginning. I feel an overall improvement in my health, sugar level and well being. These were very much my goals too, in addition to weight loss. 

Coach's View:

Revati first came to us complaining of low energy levels, sugar cravings, indigestion, bloating, and recent weight gain. She was also borderline prediabetic and had begun to become concerned about her health.

Revati was particularly interested in what she could learn about herself using a CGM. After hearing her out and explaining how she could expect to benefit from the first two weeks of the program on a CGM, we discussed what she could expect for the remainder of her time on the 3-month Personalized Weight Loss program that she had registered for. We started off slowly, making sure to satisfactorily address all her apprehensions and concerns, and giving her the confidence that she would see progress and start feeling better soon.

Over the duration of the program, Revati dropped almost 4kgs, lost 3 cms in waist circumference, her HDL increased 5 points to 54 and her Triglycerides dropped to 94 from 101. In some ways, what was even more rewarding, from my perspective as her coach, was to hear her say that she was, once again, feeling energetic throughout the day and that there was improvement in her physical performance as well.

She was also feeling very good about the improvement in her gut health while she steadily lost weight and inches. In fact, she was so happy with the overall achievement of her goals that she plans to upgrade for a longer term program to keep developing healthy habits.

There isn’t a better way for a participant to express their satisfaction with the GeneClinicX experience!

 Revati Thube
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