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Abbas Ravat

Marketing expert

My Journey:

I joined the 3 month Weight Loss Program (not including the CGM) as I was not very comfortable with its invasiveness. I was keen to see if GeneClinicX could help me lose weight in the absence of real time data that the CGM could capture. My goals were crystal clear: lose around 3-4 kgs and an inch or more around my waistline, improve my endurance, and gain control over my sugar cravings.

Due to the pandemic and the work from home scenario, I had gained some excess weight which had led to a drop in my stamina and physical energy to do my work effectively. Weight has always been a problem for me due to hypothyroid and, hence, it was very important for me to manage it before it got out of hand.

My coach's willingness to consult on every small issue to find possible solutions helped me achieve my goal. By not making a fancy diet plan that was likely to fail, and just working on making small changes to develop healthy habits made a world of a difference to me and my health. I achieved my goal in 3 months, in October. It's now 3 months since then that I have been working on my fitness goals, independently.

Today, whenever I crave sugar, my go-to food is nuts and dry fruit ladoo, without any added sugar. With the knowledge gained from my coach, Swarada, during the program, I can now independently and competently make good food decisions in any situation (whether traveling or eating out) and know what is healthy for my body. What is best is that I can eat everything I like and still can manage my weight comfortably.

Coach's View:

As a coach, it is always heartening to work with participants who are self motivated and focussed on achieving their goals, while at the same time keen on understanding how nutrition, sleep and exercise plays a crucial role in maintaining good health. In his 3-month journey with us, Abbas was able to gain control over his food cravings. His work from home situation had led to him becoming undisciplined about regularly reaching out for sweet and savory foods often. But with the coaching he developed healthy snacking habits as well as started paying more attention to his daily protein requirement. After only one month he dropped 2 kgs of excess body weight and experienced good improvement in his endurance level. By the end of the 3 months, his blood markers were all in the normal range, he had lost 3 inches around his waist and 5 kg in total weight.

Abbas Ravat
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