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Amol Kodre

IT Professional

My Journey:

I joined the program when I found out that I had become diabetic with an HbA1c of 11. Initially, I was very tense and worried about my health and how it might impact my career. My poor health had already cost me the opportunity to work abroad when my family became very concerned and did not support my decision to relocate. 

The CGM data was a real game changer. With the help of my coach I began to understand my body’s food response, I learned how to adjust portion size, and I also figured out how to eat smartly. Today, I’m even able to eat potatoes, which is typically a no-no for diabetics, without my body experiencing a large, uncontrolled sugar spike.

I’ve lost 3.5 kg and 4 inches around my waistline, but what has made me most happy is the gradual reversal of my diabetes because I never thought I could do it! My lipids have also improved despite continuing to ghee and cheese, per my coach’s advice. In the past I used to get angry frequently, impacting all my family members. Today, I feel much calmer and, as a result, everyone at home is happy with this new version of Amol!

Although there are so many companies selling CGMs and doing their own programs, I felt that GeneClinicX was very approachable, economical and effective. I now follow their GlucoseGyan  Instagram page, and just doing this is helping my wife to manage my diet!

My parents are also diabetic, and after understanding my achievement, really wish they had access to this technology when they were younger because it would have helped them to live a happy and well managed life.

Coach's View:

During the program Amol complained of constant fatigue, sugar cravings and a lack of quality sleep. By adopting a more healthy diet and adding simple habits into his daily life like walking after meals and taking his medication on time, Amol is now able to manage his sugar levels, sleep soundly at night, wake up at 5 am feeling refreshed, and go for his regular walks in the morning without feeling exhausted.


His energy levels are good throughout the day, and he is now able to walk an additional 2.5 km in the evening, contributing to further improvements in his life. His HbA1c has dropped from 11 to 6.7 and his HDL has improved from 36 to 44, while he has also experienced improvements in his Triglyceride and LDL levels.

We are both very pleased with the progress Amol has made.

Amol Kodre
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