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Col. Surinder Rishi

Retired Colonel

My Journey:

I’m a 77 year old hypertensive with a hypothyroid problem. Most concerning to me is my 3 year history of an elevated HbA1c of 11.4! Although I was regular with my medication, my HbA1c remained stubbornly high.

I love playing golf, but my ill health had also begun to impact my game. Hand tremors prevented me from gripping my clubs properly and I couldn’t hit the ball as straight, long or as consistently well as before. This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back; I finally accepted that I needed the right kind of help with my diabetes if I wanted to keep playing!

I signed-up for the 3-month Reverse Diabetes Program in June 2022. I’m so happy that my tremors have completely vanished and my game has improved to the extent that I’ve, once again, started receiving compliments about my game from my friends. Another bonus is that even though my appetite has reduced, my energy levels have increased, I’m more active and I’ve been sleeping better at night


I’m looking forward to seeing my diabetes doctor again - for the first time in 3 years - to show him my most recent blood reports and see if my medication can be altered. Then in 3 months I’m going to do the GeneClinicX 2-week CGM program to make sure everything is still moving in the right direction.

Coach's View:

Surinder was struggling with his sugar levels despite being regular with his medication for the past 3 years. Initially, his glucose levels reached the 500 mg/dl range every time he ate a simple Indian meal, including roti, subji, dal & chawal.

After I explained to him the importance of correct nutrition and how he could do that just by making small changes in the way he consumed food, he was able to drop his HbA1c from 11.4% to 7.9% (while still on medication). 

Surinder loves playing golf but he noticed that he was having trouble holding on to his golf clubs because of slight tremors in his hands. Getting back to playing golf well again was probably just as much of a motivator for him as was bringing down his HbA1c!

I’m so impressed that, at 77 years of age, Surinder decided to gain control over his health so that he could live a fitter and healthier life, proving again that it’s never too late to fix one’s health issues. He’s back on the golf course, playing well and enjoying life once again.

Col. Surinder Rishi
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