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Deepak Awasthi


My Journey:

I was diagnosed diabetic at 32 after a long steroid treatment for spondylitis. I did not bother much about it until a routine blood checkup a year ago revealed that my HbA1c level was 13.7. Medications were started and my HbA1C came down but my post meal sugars were still too high. I was very stressed about this and then one of my colleagues suggested I consider the diabetes reversal program with Geneclinicx.

My post-meal sugars were in the range of 400 and I was so fatigued that it was difficult for me to walk for more than 5 min at a time. I was both skeptical and amazed by the CGM technology at the same time. My CGM data helped me to understand how my carb loaded meals were spiking my sugars. By following simple recommendations like keeping my meals more balanced and eating food in the correct order I could see my fasting blood sugars coming from ~240 to almost 160 over the first 10 days of the program.

It was almost magical to see how my blood sugars were way more stable with just a few changes. With all the insights from the CGM data my coach helped me with a personalized meal plan which made my life very easy. I tried to follow the meal plan and adopted a few new small lifestyle habits that were planned specifically for me, and this is exactly what I feel really helped me.

In 3 months my stamina has improved and now I feel energetic and can walk for 45 min and have also started doing a few exercises. My medication dose has been reduced and my HbA1C is down to 7.2. I would like to stress on the fact that consistency and dedication is the key. It is wrong to expect quick improvements to the damage that has occurred over many years. You don’t need to worry about having to sacrifice a lot today for better health tomorrow, as there is always a way to enjoy your food and manage our health better with correct guidance from the GeneClinicX experts.

Coach's View:

Deeepak was worried about his health when he first came to us. He was stressed that I would ask him to go on a strict diet and to just eat salad or some other exotic foods to manage his high sugar levels. He was unfamiliar with CGMs and what they do, so that added another level of complexity to our initial discussions.

Deepak decided to do the program after one of his coworkers, who was a previous GeneClinicX participant, had recommended it to him. His blood sugar levels were very high and his diet was quite carb dominant and unhealthy for him. While he was on the CGM, I suggested some simple changes to it, including adding more fiber and protein to each meal to better manage his sugars. Then we introduced good fat options and anti-inflammatory foods in his diet.

He was very dedicated to the plan and his sugar levels got better every session. In 2 months his post meal spikes went down from 250 mg/dl to ~160 mg/dl and his medication dose was reduced by 50 %. He felt more energetic and so we then planned out an exercise routine.

By the time his program was over, Deepak was feeling very confident about being able to continue to manage his blood sugar levels through small lifestyle changes. He also upgraded for another 3 month program to improve his muscle mass and weight while keeping his sugars in control.

Deepak Awasthi
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