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Dr. Pallavi Kulkarni


My Journey:

GeneClinicX has actually changed my life! I was not in a very good mental and physical state when I joined the program. I was highly demotivated, was always irritated and had very low stamina. My GeneClinicX coach helped me to understand how to eat right and also all other aspects of living healthy, like exercise, sleep, how to make better food choices while shopping and many more. My stamina is much better now. I feel great and my irritation is reduced. I lost 3.5 kg in the process and my lipid profile has improved too. I want to thank the GeneClinicX team and wish them the best for the future as they are doing a great job.

Coach's View:

As her coach, Dr. Pallavi was a real pleasure to work with. Joyous and bubbly by nature, walked into GeneClinicX complaining of unexplained dizziness, low energy levels,lethargy, and wishing to lose weight to get her healthier. Exploring foods that both worked and did not work for her, and slowly building simple lifestyle improvement habits like drinking water regularly, increasing her protein intake, etc. worked like magic for Dr. Pallavi. Within 2 weeks of the program she began to respond with improved energy levels, reduced irritability, and her dizziness disappeared. “I feel so good now” has become her mantra! Disciplined, dedicated and personally motivated, she began advocating for healthier living with her family and friends too. 

Dr. Pallavi Kulkarni
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