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Dr. Rajesh Survase


My Journey:

My history of angiography and a borderline HbA1C report pushed me to the GeneClinicX 2-week CGM program. It was such an eye opening experience for me! It was so much fun to understand my body's  response to the foods I eat everyday.  Many things that I was taking extra effort to include in my meals like a keto roti or peanuts which I had always thought were healthy for me were actually not working for me. It was amazing to see how adding even a small portion of fiber and protein in my meals made my glucose responses much better. I am sure that I can reach my health goals with the simple tips suggested by my coach.

I recommend all fitness enthusiasts and people dealing with health concerns like diabetes or heart diseases to take guidance from GeneClinicX as they can help you to make major changes in your health with minor tweaks in your lifestyle.

Coach's View:

Dr. Rajesh was very keen and curious to know how CGMs work and how the glucose data from the CGM can help improve his lifestyle. During the coaching sessions I observed that there were times when there were huge gaps between his meals and his meals lacked good, quality protein, because of which his sugars were rising to high levels and then crashing to very low ones regularly. Alcohol consumption was also playing havoc with his sugars for long periods of time.

We regularized his meal timings by exploring some easy options to balance his meals, especially given his busy work schedule. It was also eye opening to see how just a few foods marketed as being “healthy” were actually causing his blood glucose levels to respond pretty poorly. That is when we discussed how reading and understanding food labels can help him make better snack and food choices.

I am pleased with the outcomes of our sessions, and I’m optimistic that Dr. Rajesh will be able to sustainably improve his heart health as he continues to invest in making the right lifestyle interventions and continues developing new habits.

Dr. Rajesh Survase
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