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Josephine Tchang

Apparel Designer

My Journey:

I enrolled in the Should I Eat This? Program. With a family history of diabetes, my goal was to understand how the food that I eat was impacting my blood glucose. I was determined to make the lifestyle changes required to prevent becoming diabetic myself.

With a CGM on, my “aha” moment became apparent almost immediately. The sugar included in the 3-in-1 instant coffee packet I was using was the culprit!

My coach, Swarada, asked me to replace the 3-in-1 pack with regular instant coffee so that I could control how much sugar I added. She also suggested that I follow a simple food chronology strategy. I simply had to start my meal with protein, then vegetables, and conclude with the rest of my meal, including any carbohydrates.

These two simple changes not only helped reduce the amount of carbohydrates I was consuming but also lowered my glucose spiking and improved my glucose variability.

Coach's View:

High stress levels at her workplace were impacting Josephine’s health. She was also having trouble getting a good night’s sleep and was keen to learn how to better manage her food habits.  She enrolled for the program because she was becoming concerned about her health, especially given her family history of diabetes, and she wanted to take charge of the situation before it was too late. By following simple habits like trying to sleep on time, avoiding instant foods, and following a simple food chronology strategy when consuming her meals, she was able to see an immediate improvement in her blood glucose levels.

Josephine Tchang
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