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K R Narsimhakumar

IT Professional

My Journey:


I'm 44-years old, have a high blood pressure problem, and at 68 kgs I’m also heavier than I'd like to be for my 5'4" height. To complicate matters, I also found out that I’m diabetic (9.3 HbA1c). And, I only found this out because of the blood test included in my GeneClinicX program. 


I joined the GeneClinicX Reverse Diabetes program with a goal of losing weight. I have also learned how to manage my sugar levels without making major changes in my diet and lifestyle. I especially did not want to stop eating rice, which I love!


In 3-months, just by making small changes like adding protein to each major meal and following the right food chronology, I was able to easily lose 11 kg and reduce my HbA1c level to 5.8.


I'm amazed by these results but also know that it’s because my coach, Shruti, has been with me all the way.

Coach's View:

When he first talked to us, Narasimha’s only goal was to lose weight. We started by assessing his lipid profile and HbA1C via a blood test. Unfortunately, that is when we realized that he was a diabetic and didn’t even know it! We immediately agreed to switch the focus of his program to blood glucose management to help him reverse his diabetes. 

Initially, Narasimha was apprehensive and stressed by this upsetting diagnosis. However, once we discussed how blood glucose monitoring will help him to both reduce his weight and address his diabetes at the same time, there was no looking back. We started with small, easily manageable interventions like the importance of food chronology and adding protein to all meals which immediately began to make a difference. His glucose level baseline halved from ~200 to ~100 in 5 days, and this gave him the confidence that he could manage his sugar levels without making any drastic changes in his diet or lifestyle. We also agreed that he would see a diabetologist and, if required, introduce medication intervention to tackle his 9.3 HbA1c.

Rice was the most important part of his diet and he was scared that I might ask him to stop eating it (as most others had previously suggested to him). When I assured him that such a drastic step wasn’t necessary, he was very happy!. We built his diet chart around the foods that he likes to eat regularly, and that is what really worked for him. 

Narsimha began losing weight at the rate of about 2.5 kg each month, and this motivated him to enjoy his new exercise routines too. His gut health also improved, and we saw significant improvement in his cholesterol levels.

We then started working on developing new habits that would endure, like starting a meal with salad and adding protein to each meal. We also discussed specific healthy snack options like protein bars, nuts, and buttermilk that he could carry with him during his travels. The goal was to reduce his dependence on restaurant meals for protein. These various modifications improved his blood glucose levels very quickly, reduced his food cravings, and brought under control his binge eating tendencies. We also agreed that he would walk for 10 minutes after both lunch and dinner to further help reduce his glucose levels. One thing led to another, and because he experienced such tangible benefits so soon into the Program, Sanjay was motivated and inspired to also start exercising for 30 minutes a day!

His weight improved from 74 kg to 69 kg, which is much closer to his ideal body weight and his  stamina improved too. In 3 months his HbA1c dropped from 10 to 6.4 which gave him the confidence to manage his sugars despite his hectic lifestyle. 

K R Narsimhakumar
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