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Kartik Bijapurkar

IT Professional

My Journey:

I have experienced immense health benefits from the Personalized Weight Loss Program at GeneClinicX, with my coach Sneha.

I embarked upon her diet plan on 19 May 2022 and as of 02 December 2022, I lost 20 kg and 10% body fat. I also recorded significant improvements in several health parameters across progressive pathological tests.

The best part is that despite almost a 50% reduction in my food intake I continued to feel satiated. My energy levels were never compromised. 

The plan was so easy to follow because there was no need for any crash dieting; instead we focused on key healthy lifestyle changes, one at a time. She also advised me in selecting various exercises according to my needs. I would like to thank Sneha and GeneClinicX for making these healthy eating habits into my new lifestyle.

Coach's View:

I recall Kartik’s first anxious interaction with me in May 2022 when he described how worried he was about his weight and family history of diabetes, and his strong desire to avoid becoming diabetic himself. With this as the backdrop, he began his health improvement journey with small changes in his daily lifestyle patterns.

Over the next several weeks we implemented a number of simple techniques, including balanced meals, food chronology, gradually increasing the duration of his sleep time, and a consistent exercise schedule. As a coach it is satisfying to be a part of the phenomenal transformation that Kartik has experienced. He has dropped 20 kgs of weight over 6 months and his energy level is up substantially, as are his fitness level, and confidence.

Above and beyond the progress in his health metrics, Kartik's excitement for bike rides, his plans for many trips, the shower of compliments he’s been receiving everywhere he goes, and just how much he likes his new self has been the most rewarding part of his continuing health journey.

Kartik Bijapurkar
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