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Mitali Auradkar

Finance Professional

My Journey:

I joined the GeneClinicX 3-month Weight Loss Program. The results are amazing. I weighed almost 68 kgs and in 3 months I came down to 62.5 kgs. The most amazing part of this journey is the inches I lost around my waist, rather than the weight loss.

I am so happy to be able to fit into my old clothes again! I learned about the Plate Technique, food portions, the best time of day to eat, and so many more things. Special thanks to my coach, Sneha. She always motivated me. Her guidance helped me to reduce my thyroid levels and I have been able to get off my medication. I also traveled a lot during the 3 months of the Program, and she always gave me multiple options to find suitable food and suggested a normal course of exercise. A big thanks to the entire GeneClinicX team.

Coach’s View:

Mitali, a finance professional, noticed that, post-marriage, her food patterns, lifestyle and schedules had changed. She had begun gaining weight, developed acidity and acne, and was generally feeling tired and depressed.

By focusing on simple techniques like eating balanced meals at all times, using functional foods, and optimizing hydration we were able to work wonders for Mitali. Mitali is feeling good about herself again. She says she’s looking healthier than before her marriage, is now fitting into her old clothes, is energetic, her skin is aglow, and, once again, finds life rewarding! 

Mitali Auradkar
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