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Narayan Sundaraman


My Journey:

I joined the 3-month GeneClinicX Personalised Weight Loss program. The CGM graphs gave me great actionable insights about how I reacted to different foods in my daily diet. This coupled with regular workouts led to 6 kg weight loss; most importantly it altered my body composition. My top learning from the CGM graphs was the impact of wheat on my blood sugar levels. I learnt how to eat right and my sense of well-being improved considerably.

Coach's View:

As Narayan's coach, I appreciate his determined efforts to stay as consistent as he could. He was very disciplined with his lifestyle habits, and he was more diligent in following an exercise routine. We focused a lot on building good lifestyle habits. Adding good quality protein to his main meals was also one of the interventions that worked very well for him. I am pleased that Narayan has made positive improvements, andIi wish him the best.

Narayan Sundaraman
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