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Rajinder Kaur


My Journey:

In my case, weight loss was the intention, but by dedicating myself  to healthy habits suggested by my coach Kalyani I got so much more than that. I achieved fat loss but also when I started following certain disciplines like regularizing my meal timings, adding foods that are rich in probiotics, etc. I experienced major improvements  in my gut health, including less acidity and burping. Also, I started feeling more energetic and fresh. Weight loss isn’t just about hitting a certain number on the scale but engaging in healthy habits and keeping a reality check on what’s sustainable and what’s not. 

Thank you GeneClinicX ! Finally I could achieve my dream goal of weight loss along with some other benefits as a bonus. During the journey with GeneClinicX I have lost 6 kgs in 3 months with good fat loss. At 54 years of age, I didn’t think it was possible - ISN'T IT AMAZING?!

Coach's View:

Rajinder started her journey with us intent on weight loss. While getting to know her and understanding her overall health challenges, I realized that she was dealing with major gut health issues like indigestion and burping. We first discussed the importance of having good gut health in order to achieve her final weight loss goal. Once she was bought in she also understood that one of her major problems was with the irregularity of her meal timings. 

With only small changes in her diet pattern, like adding foods that contain prebiotics and probiotics, regularizing her meal timings, and changing her food consumption sequence, she immediately began to notice good improvements in her overall gut health. Along with that she also started losing weight, which she had been unsuccessful at doing before.

Rajinder is a terrific example of a participant who has benefited from our unique Habits System.  Now that she is so happy with her progress, she wants to continue her journey with us to achieve some of her other health goals.

Rajinder Kaur
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