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Ritu Advani


My Journey:

I tried dieting several times before and found it difficult to lose weight. So I was skeptical when I signed-up with GeneClinicX.

But I’m so delighted with the experience. I found GeneClinicX extremely effective in helping with my weight loss, especially keeping in mind my health issues. I have lost 7kgs in 3 months following their system.

The coaches and doctors are thorough in their work and very knowledgeable. Installing the US FDA-approved CGM sensor on my arm was so good because it showed my sugar levels whenever I ate something.

I also enjoyed using the app. The feature that counts calories every time I put food into my mouth was particularly helpful because, by the end of the day, I knew the exact amount of calories I had consumed and from which food item.

The constant monitoring and consistent guidance provided by my GeneClinicX coach, via online meetings, gave me all the inspiration I needed to ensure my success.

Coach's View:

When Ritu first came to us she was pre-diabetic and complained of sugar cravings, low energy levels, and unwanted weight gain. Right away we got her on a CGM to help her understand the damaging glucose spiking effects of her sweet eating habit that included cakes, gajar halwa, and gulabjamun. Seeing is believing, and she immediately became more mindful about how many sweets she ate and the portion sizes.

Unhealthy snacking while socializing had become a part of Ritu’s daily routine. We agreed that she would eat a few healthy nuts along with a protein-rich snack before she left for her social gatherings. This kept her well satiated and helped her stay away from the fried stuff once she got to her destination. In addition, eating a protein rich breakfast, helped her stay active throughout the day and she also began to experience reduced sugar cravings.

Ritu completed her program in the third week in March. I followed up with her 3 months later to remind her to repeat her blood work to see how she was doing without my intervention. We had a very good conversation and she immediately got her blood test done.

As a coach, I was very pleased to see that Ritu had reduced her HbA1c from 5.7% to 5.5% just by continuing to follow the simple interventions we had agreed on. Just as importantly, the fact that she was generally feeling so much better about herself was heartwarming. As a Coach, I feel good only if my participants are able to take care of themselves even after our sessions have ended, and Ritu is a terrific case in point!

Ritu Advani
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