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Shishir Gadam

Biochemical Engr.

My Journey:

My HbA1c was borderline high (5.7%) and I wanted to control it before falling into pre-diabetic category. That is when I joined the GeneClinicX program. Included in the 3-month program was 2-weeks using a CGM sensor. The CGM gave me some terrific data about myself and helped me understand how my body was reacting to the foods I was eating. My coach taught me about healthy foods for me, the right food compositions, and how to adjust my portion sizes without feeling hungry all the time. 

For years, I have tried all sorts of nutritional hacks but have been unable to get to my ideal A1C results.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the results from the GeneCliniX program.  Not only did my A1c drop by 0.5 units to 5.2 in 3 months, but I learned so much about how my own body responds to different foods I eat.  This personalized data and mitigations made it easy for me understand and commit to the changes.  The changes I made were simple and sustainable (like eating foods in right sequence, managing proportions etc).  My lipid profile improved, I stopped feeling the need for short afternoon naps and overall felt more active.

Coach’s View:

As his Coach, my primary goal was to help Shishir address his primary goals related to reducing his HbA1c and improving his lipid profile. Shishir adapted to the suggested interventions very well and was quick to convert into lifestyle altering habits.

What worked well for Shishir was a simple change. We began by altering the sequence in which he ate the various components of his meals. We had him start with fibre, followed by protein, and then the rest of the meal. He also began making better food choices while socialising with friends. When asked by his friends about how he was able to control his eating and avoid some of the treats that his friends were consuming, he replied, “‘It's an intentional choice. It has nothing to do with control.”

I’m pleased that Shishir has experienced positive improvement in his HbA1c, triglycerides, and HDL levels.  

Shishir Gadam
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