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Shiwali Joshi

IT Professional

My Journey:

I joined the 3-month Weight Loss program with GeneClinicX on Jan '22. I was 87.4 kg then and am 76.3 kg, a 11.1 kg reduction in 5 months. The complete journey was a very good learning experience and, most importantly, I never felt that I was dieting!

I had gained 16 kgs post my Covid infection. When I touched 80 kgs, it was a shock. I decided to consult a dietician, and the first name that came to my mind was Sneha, as I knew her from before. I liked the whole process that GeneClinicX follows. It is a slow and steady process, however, very effective.

I had a CGM on my arm for 14 days and was asked to continue eating the way I normally did. My glucose levels were monitored for whatever I was eating. After 14 days, Sneha explained to me the graphs and how, when and what food should be taken. She also explained what food is good or bad for my body.


My diet plan started on Feb ‘22. Most of my diet remained unchanged, but the portion sizes and the food sequence was changed. In 1 month I lost almost 3 kgs. The best part about the weight loss journey with GeneClinicX is the customized plan, including exercises to be done, regular consultation with the dietician, and the learning and knowledge gain. 

They also helped me with my diet when I travel and attend any functions. Regular blood tests are conducted to check on various parameters. My HbA1c was above the normal range (prediabetic) but within 3 months, it had come to a normal range. My immunity and energy levels increased.

Thanks a lot Sneha & the rest of the  GeneClinicX, all of whom are so supportive, for changing my life from fat to fit. This journey will continue till I achieve my target weight.

Coach's View:

Shiwali’s journey to health started with her decision to take charge of her weight gain and low energy levels. Wearing a CGM helped identify the reasons for the drop in her energy levels. Changing food chronology and the composition of her meals, along with including healthy food choices and new exercise habits in her daily routine is helping Shiwali achieve her goals.


During the program Shiwali had to attend multiple functions and vacations. Before each occasion we made a list of multiple healthy food options that Shiwali could enjoy during her getaways. As a busy professional Shiwali is more focused on managing her daily healthy habits alongside her extended and demanding hours at work. In my view as her Coach she is doing a great job at it!

Shiwali Joshi
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