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Sonal Desai


My Journey:

When I joined this program I was skeptical. I was not sure whether I will get what I am expecting because I had tried a few other programs before, but they did not work long-term. 

At GeneClinicX, in the first few sessions with my coach I realized that the changes she was suggesting were very doable and easy to make and, most importantly, they were sustainable.I can still enjoy my favorite meals without feeling guilty about it!

My major challenge with my diet is that I am a food lover. I used to have a lot of sugar cravings, especially post-meal, but now I have learned how to manage them with the help of my Coach. She gave me some easy, smart and very interesting tips. Just by making small, gradual changes in my eating pattern I started seeing a lot of improvement in myself.I have lost a good 2 inches off my waist. Another achievement is my improved stamina while exercising, for which I even got special compliments from my personal exercise coach!

In addition to all of these positive wins for my health, I lost weight and I experienced a drop in my HBA1c from 7.2 to 6.5. I am very happy because I was looking for sustainable solutions to achieve my health improvement goals, and I believe I got it here.Thank you Geneclinicx!

I am going to continue my journey with GeneClinicX, I am excited to achieve my new set goals now.

Coach's View:

Sonal Desai  is 48 years old. Her primary challenge was with a recent increase in waist circumference and dysregulated blood sugar levels This was compounded by low stamina and a love for food.

When she joined the program, she was already aware about what to do for good health but not how to do it. And ensuring sustainability was her main concern. Before giving her a meal plan I suggested small changes in her current diet and habits which she did. Instead of focusing on a meal plan these small changes had already begun to help her achieve what she wanted. She started feeling more energetic and her productivity increased, as a result of which she is now able to work more efficiently. Eventually, small healthy habit changes added up and compounded into a better quality of life for her.

Given her positive experience and the numerous positive insights she has learned about herself, Sonal is considering continuing to work with us on a longer-term basis to achieve even more milestones in her goal to take back control of her health.

Sonal Desai
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