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Vinod Kondekar

IT Professional

My Journey:

Wow! GeneClinicX, thank you so much for helping me achieve my fitness goal!

Today I weighed 80 kg. In 3-months I have lost 10 kg, mostly with disciplined eating habits and regular workouts. This is really motivating and has boosted my confidence day by day. I feel great inner peace, pleasure, and more mental strength. I never imagined these kinds of benefits before!

I started with a dream to be lighter when I visit the beautiful Maldives islands so that I can enjoy my time with nature. I kept things very simple and kept consistently doing the activities that my coach, Swarada, and I agreed to. The magic is that these activities and behaviors have become habits for me. No more stress from extra workouts or drastic routine changes!


What’s next? To lose some more weight, keep increasing my inner and outer happiness, to become even more focused, to maintain a consistent energy level throughout the day, and to enjoy more deep sleep. 


Coach's View:

Vinod Kondekar is 48 years old. His primary challenge was with recent uncontrollable weight gain and an increase in waist circumference. This was compounded by his midnight snack cravings, low stamina and a lack of physical activity. He began the 3-month Personalized Weight Loss (CGM-based) program in mid-June 2022.

Keeping his challenges in mind, I (his nutritionist/coach) developed a personalized and very specific plan that would allow him to achieve his stated goals. In a matter of only 3-months, and with minimal lifestyle modifications, he successfully lost 10 kg, 13 cm in waist circumference, his Triglyceride level reduced from 258 mg/dL to 206 mg/dL and his HDL improved from 26 mg/dL from 34 mg/dL. Vinod was also very pleasantly surprised by some of the other benefits that accrued due to his success, as he shares in his journey above.

Given his positive experience and unexpected success, Vinod is considering continuing to work with us on a longer-term basis to achieve even more milestones in his goal to take back control of his health and how he feels about himself.

Vinod Kondekar
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