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Egg salad

A fun protein twist

Nutritive values per serving


243 kcal


2 g


18 g


18.6 g

Who said that eggs are just for breakfast? If you love eggs and feel like being creative, you’re going to love this flavorful egg salad recipe.

Sprout salad vs egg salad.png


(makes 1 serving)

  • 2 hard boiled eggs       

  • 1/4 cup coriander                   

  • 1 small onions                         

  • 2 tbsp curds                           

  • 1 tsp mustard sauce           

  • 1/4 tsp smoked paprika        

  • 1 tsp fresh dill finely chopped

  • to taste pepper powder          

  • to taste salt       

How to prepare:

  1. Chop eggs or crush with a fork.

  2. Add in chopped coriander and onion and place everything in a bowl.

  3. Add in curd, mustard sauce, paprika, pepper and dill. Mix and smoothen with a spoon.

  4. Taste and season with salt as desired.

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