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High blood glucose, inflammation and its impact on health

Inflammation resulting from high blood glucose levels can be damaging to your health

Brain Fog: memory lapses, poor attention, reduced productivity, and an inability to think clearly are all common symptoms of “brain fog”, which can be a precursor to more serious brain issues such as an early sign of neurodegeneration.

Gut Health: High insulin levels damage the diversity of our gut bacteria. This decrease in gut microbiome diversity leads to an increase in insulin resistance, perpetuating this vicious cycle to continue.

Dental Cavity: Bacteria is naturally present in the mouth. A meal rich in simple carbohydrates and sugar feeds this bacteria, further growing it. This excess bacterial growth damages our teeth. The deterioration process results in a dental cavity.

Increase in Body Fat: Similarly, insulin resistance also leads to increased body weight and obesity. Obesity, in turn, leads to increased insulin resistance, thus, contributing to continuing this downward spiral.

Blocked Arteries: High glucose levels contribute to the buildup of clots or deposits in blood vessels, narrowing them. Eventually, this restricts blood flow and the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain and other body parts, which, in turn, lead to life threatening strokes and heart attacks.

Joint Pain: Our joints are a complex framework of tissue that allows us to perform our day to day activities. Excess glucose in the blood can lead to the production of damaging compounds called advanced glycation end products (AGEs) which can cause inflammation leading to pain, swelling, a reduced range of motion and stiffness of our joints, commonly referred to as arthritis.

Infertility: Dysregulated glucose is linked to infertility in men and women. Elevated glucose levels are associated with reduced quality of semen and erectile dysfunction in males and with irregular menses and PCOS in females.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver: Non alcoholics too can develop fatty liver problems due to high blood sugar levels. Excess fructose, can cause fat buildup, leading to insulin resistance and to non-alcoholic

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