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CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) sensors are a terrific tool to learn how your body responds to the

A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) sensor is a pretty amazing coin-sized med-tech device that can help you understand how the glucose levels in your body respond to your food, exercise and sleep habits. Initially designed for use by diabetics, non-diabetic people are increasingly using them to help themselves make healthy lifestyle choices.

CGMs are designed to be self-installed, usually on the fleshy part of the back of the upper arm. A flexible filament is painlessly inserted into the interstitial fluid (the fluid surrounding the cells), about half a millimeter under the skin.

We use CGMs that work for 2 weeks at a time, while continuously monitoring your body’s glucose response. Every time you scan the sensor with your NFC-enabled phone you’ll instantly be able to view your most up-to-date glucose graphs in the GeneClinicX app. This real-time, personal and immediate feedback will help you optimize your metabolic health and proactively manage any glucose dysregulation you may be experiencing.

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