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Are cold pressed oils better for me than refined oils?

Yes, generally speaking cold-pressed oils are a healthier option than refined oils. They are extracted using traditional methods of crushing the seeds at room temperature without applying heat so as not to deplete the oil of its natural nutrients. Consequently, they are:

  • Free from chemicals: Unlike refined oils which use chemicals such as sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate to make the oils look appealing, no chemical solvents are used in making cold pressed oils

  • Rich in antioxidants: Cold pressed oils, especially olive oil, are rich in Vitamin E and K, which help reduce body cell damage, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and have healing properties

However, cooking with these oils can be slightly tricky! They contain high levels of unsaturated fat which tend to degrade when exposed to heat. If you use these oils for deep frying or sautéing, the unsaturated fats may break down, making them unsafe for consumption.

If you plan to use cold pressed oils, don’t overheat them, and use them in salad dressings and on breads and cooked meats, for both flavor and health.


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