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Beat your sugar cravings with bitter and sour foods!

Many of our participants ask us why they crave sugar. Sugar cravings are a common occurrence, and when most people experience them, they tend to succumb to their cravings.

But is there a way to avoid sugar cravings altogether?

Most of us know the overwhelming feeling that accompanies the sudden craving for something sweet. These episodes usually call for chocolate, cake, ice cream, or some other form of “mithai”. Before we even consider what we’re eating, we stuff it in our mouth, and this actually results in an urge to eat even more sweets!

Sour and bitter flavors are the antidote to sweet cravings. The greater your craving for sweetness, the better bitter and sour food will act as a suppressant that helps get rid of the urge to eat sweet things!

Why is it so hard to stop sugar cravings?

Several factors affect our sugar cravings, including fatigue, lack of sleep, fluctuating blood sugar levels, stress and the menstrual cycle. As with anything, moderation works best. Problems arise when sugar cravings persist over time. If your relationship with sugar rises to the level of addiction, it’s time to actively seek out solutions to curb your sugar cravings.

Naturally Bitter Foods

There are numerous foods that contain bitter substances, but there are some that are particularly rich in bitter substances. Some of the best sources digestive bitters are:

  • Vegetables: Try to eat bitter gourd, dil leaves, broccoli, brussels sprouts, dandelion, radish, kale and artichoke more often. These are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will help dampen your sugar craving, cleanse your internal system, and lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, heart attack, etc.

  • Herbs & Spices: Add black pepper, milk thistle, oregano, fenugreek seeds and peppermint leaves to your salad to get rid of your sugar cravings and aid in better digestion and blood sugar control

Naturally Sour Foods

  • Fruits: Simply add salted lime water to the juice of lemon, gooseberry (amla), or aloe vera, and drink it whenever you feel the urge for something sweet

Conclusion: Most of us tend to consume too much sweet food, which leads to an unhealthy dependency on sugary foods. On the other hand, our diets contain lower amounts of bitter and sour substances, which balance and regulate our sugar cravings. Incorporating more natural digestive bitters and sour foods in our diets can lead to a “rebalancing” of the natural body systems.

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