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Do the same foods impact different people in the same ways?

No two people respond to the same food in exactly the same way because we are all genetically different. Consequently, body composition, hormonal profile, metabolic function, and insulin sensitivity, all vary from person to person. This results in different people having very individualized glucose responses to exactly the same food. We refer to this as glucose response.

Glucose Variability (GV), on the other hand, is the swings or shifts in blood glucose levels that occur throughout the day. People with high GV generally experience larger spikes after consuming food when compared to those with a relatively lower GV.

Our genetic differences is also why no single diet works for everyone. A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) sensor provides real-time, objective, and actionable information about how food and lifestyle choices affect glucose levels. This information makes it possible for us to create a personalized diet and lifestyle plan to optimize your health.


This study confirms that the glucose response to the same foods varies by individual:

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