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Fruit Juice is definitely not as healthy as you think!

Glucose is metabolized by every cell in the body, whereas fructose needs to be converted into glucose by the liver before it can be used. As a result, when you consume large amounts of fructose your liver gets overloaded and converts the excess into fat.

To fill a 250 ml glass of OJ requires the juice of three or more oranges. Consequently, you end up ingesting 3 to 4 times as much fructose as you would if you had eaten a single orange instead. In addition, you miss out on the healthy fiber that creates a mesh in your gut to help slow down the rate at which your liver is required to metabolize the fructose.

Consequently, when you drink a fruit juice instead of eating the whole fruit you don’t just add more calories and sugar to your diet but you also increase your fat deposits. High fructose diets have also been shown to impair blood lipid levels, increase the risk of developing a fatty liver, negatively impacting body fat regulation, and contributing to obesity.

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