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Is it true that frequent sugar spikes can lead to inflammation? How and why does it happen?

Inflammation in our body is designed to be protective because it results from the body's natural defense mechanism. On the other hand, chronic inflammation is harmful because it eventually turns against your own body and can lead to chronic illnesses, including strokes, heart disorders, liver disease, obesity and diabetes.

Glucose molecules that are released in the bloodstream after a meal bump into other molecules in the body, and each time this happens it causes a reaction in the second molecule called glycation. Once glycated, a molecule is essentially damaged.

Consequently, every time your body experiences a sugar or glucose spike, glycation accelerates, and this leads to increased levels of inflammation in the body.

Glycation, however, is a normal and natural process; it is the reason why we age and, hence, it can’t be stopped. But by eating right and living a healthy lifestyle you can work at slowing down the process.


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