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What time of day is best for a work out ?

Between juggling a career, domestic responsibilities, a social life, and an overall busy schedule, it can be difficult to squeeze in workouts, even though we know they’re vital to our health and well-being.

What really matters is that you find a time of day that works for you and that fits your schedule, and then stick to it. Doing this also helps regulate your body’s 'circadian rhythm'. By keeping your workout regime consistent at the same time every day, you could be making greater training gains. And that is what really matters the most!

Here are some pros of working out at different times of the day.

Morning workouts:

You’ll get your workout done and over with, start your day off on the right foot and set the tone for the rest of the day. You’ll begin your day with endorphins, and a good feeling knowing that you accomplished something vital before beginning your other chores. The challenge with morning workouts is having the discipline to go to bed early enough and at the same time everyday so you get a good night’s rest before you begin your workout.

Evening workouts:

Planning on an evening workout may mean you get some extra shuteye in the morning. If you have a busy schedule and can't fit in a workout earlier in the day, you may prefer to exercise in the evening. Just be sure to make the time to do it; it’s easy to lose track of time once the rest of your day gets underway. Also be sure to give yourself enough time to wind down and relax before going to bed.


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