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Will reducing time on my phone help improve my sleep?

When it’s time to turn off the lights and go to sleep, the last thing your brain needs is more information and stimulation! So, yes, reducing screen time does improve sleep considerably.

Screen time refers to the time spent using any electronic device that emits blue light such as a phone, computer, television, or games console, all of which stimulate the brain, affect your circadian rhythm and delay your REM sleep, collectively keeping you awake for longer.

Here are a few handy tips to help you manage your screen time exposure:

  • When you use screens, take frequent movement and stretching breaks

  • Don’t watch TV or use your phone 2-hours prior to going to bed

  • Avoid reaching for your phone and scrolling through your social media accounts as soon as you wake-up in the morning


To read more on media habits and sleep, click here:

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