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6 easy ways to stay optimally hydrated

Staying optimally hydrated doesn’t have to be difficult. These 6 tips will help you stay on top of your daily fluid intake

  • Flavoring your water can make drinking water more interesting and nutritious. Lightly salted lemon water adds sodium and potassium to improve electrolyte balance and lower blood pressure

  • Easy access to water is the key, so that you have no excuses for not drinking enough of it! Keep a water bottle handy while you’re at work or moving around, and ensure there is drinking water in every room of your home as a reminder to drink water regularly

  • It is also a great idea to use any water tracking app, including the GeneClinicX app, to set your water target and remind you to drink water at fixed intervals

  • Foods that are high in water content also improve your hydration level. You can also increase your hydration by consuming soups, smoothies, milk, buttermilk or shakes as part of your meals

  • The most important tip is to make drinking water regularly (preferably hourly) a habit. Often, the easiest way to do this is to connect drinking water with your other “automatic” daily habits like when you wake up, after you brush your teeth, after every meal or cup of tea or coffee, after you bathe, when you get to the office, when you get back home, etc.

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